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Lore: The Universe of Terra

The setting for the LDSG Fantasy Adventure world! This is the for the entirety of the Terran Univ...

Founder's Preface

The Three Houses

What gaming community would be complete without their very own fantasy world within which to cr...

The Fishening

The Memes

On the 18th of May, 2018, the team member, Imdafish, made an error. He accidentally pruned the...

Moderator Commands

Icarus Commands

Custom Tags

Icarus Commands

Command Description Example !argh  A terrible, cursed image. !assume A com...

Commands and Functions

Icarus Commands

Season 2

The Terra ARG History

January 20th, 2021: The #ldsg-event-season-two channel is locked to be read-only. January 21st: ...

Season 1

The Terra ARG History

September 18th, 2020: It all started with rocks being sent in LDSG merch orders. Ghost posted an ...

Introduction For New Players

The Terra ARG

Hello, and welcome to the Universe of Terra ARG (alternate reality game)! This page is designed...


The Memes

What began as a silly way of tagging someone to get their attention. MetallicLuster (aka Melo) qu...


The Memes

One of the oldest memes in LDSG history, this creepy hand toy continues to show up from time to t...

The Legend of Starcamp

The Three Houses The House of Starcamp

Excerpt taken from Chapter 3 in The Three Houses by Elise Nelson. When the three Spirits of Terr...

The Legend of Freshbeast

The Three Houses The House of Freshbeast

Excerpt taken from Chapter 2 in The Three Houses by Elise Nelson There were three spirits who br...

The Legend of Brightbeam Lore

The Three Houses The House of Brightbeam

Excerpt taken from Chapter 1 in The Three Houses by Elise Nelson There was a time when all the e...


The Terra ARG

A history of the puzzles and events that have occurred related to Terra

Community: LDSG

LDS Gamers is a group of, well, gamers, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-D...

The House of Starcamp

The Three Houses

The House of Freshbeast

The Three Houses

The House of Brightbeam

The Three Houses

ARK: Survival Evolved

If dinosaurs, scifi and survival sound like a good combination, this is the place for you.

Minecraft Worlds | 2013 - Present

A collection of the various worlds we've had over the years and information about their key build...

Icarus Commands

Icarus is LDSG's custom bot crafted by Gai and Ryn. This is a list of commands available and show...

Magic: It's Origin, History & Uses

This Book describes the origin of Magic and its history as well as its known uses.

The Terra ARG

Information and history about the LDS Gamers "Universe of Terra" ARG For the *lore* about the ...

The Memes

All the memes and inside jokes of the LDSG Community.

The Origin Story

This book describes the origin of LDSG, in all it's forms.

Terra: A Geophysical Study

A complete breakdown of the properties of Terra. Elemental, metaphysical, and otherwise.

The Three Houses

The Book about the Three Houses

The LDSG Game Servers

LDSG's game servers and their players.

ARK Mods and Settings

ARK: Survival Evolved

Currently online ARK servers: The mods can be pre-downloa...