Custom Tags

Command Description


!argh  A terrible, cursed image.


!assume A comic


!bacon A GIF of Ghost massaging a piglet ghost-bacon.gif
!badwords A scary GIF of Thomas the Tank Engine saying "Don't use bad words" bad_words.gif
!baller A video of a toddler throwing a ball to parent from top of stairs
!banhammer [@username] Icarus swings his hammer at you with explosive results


!beans A pile of beans


!beanz Ghost spews forth beans
!bed Icarus moonwalks to reveal a message of "Go To Bed" BED_MOONWALK_SMALL.gif
!bros Bling and Gai as photoshopped brothers


!butterslam A video of someone throwing a banana at a laptop
!cato An image of Cato


!chessclub Tells Icarus to print the LDSG Chess Club URL  
!clowns No time for clowns, a Gai favorite


!clue Tells Icarus to print the URL to the three houses door  
!coc Prints a link to the Code of Coduct  
!context Prints a URL to a YouTube video
!convo A comic


!courtesy Tells Icarus to print the following: Don't be that person that forces their opinion on everything on everyone, no one likes that person
!covidghost An image of Ghost


!cursed A cursed image


!daedalus Tells Icarus to print a link to the Season Events channel  
!damedane A video of deepfaked Ghost singing a meme
!deal A GIF of Pusheen telling you to deal with it MFxmUPK.gif
!demographics Prints a URL to a survey form 2018  
!destinyaudit Prints a list of Destiny 2 admins  
!destinyclanaudit Prints a list of Destiny 2 admins  
!dicetower A GIF of the LDSG dice tower dicetower.gif
!door Prints a URL to the Three Houses door  
!doubt A GIF of Kenan Thompson giving a doubting face doubt.gif
!drums A video of Indigo doing a rim shot
!dude A picture of Martin Luther Bling dude.png
!eap A GIF of a book mark being pulled out of a Dan Brown book that says "Eat a poop" eap-one.gif
!eap2 A video of Ghost revealing a hidden message
!eatapoop Tells Icarus to print three emoji 👄⬅️💩
!echochamber A picture of a referee in meme format echo_chamber.jpg
!enjoy An Adam Ellis comic let-people-enjoy.png
!etsy Prints a URL to the LDSG Etsy store  
!fart Prints a quote from Melo Feeling kinda cute, might fart later idk. -Melo 2020
!fighting An audio clip of an argument Audio Clip
!fired A GIF from the movie Bugs Life you-fired.gif
!fluffy A GIF of a sea otter sea_otter.gif
!forecast An audio clip with a meme forecast Audio Clip
!ghostkart A GIF with Ghost's head over Luigi's GhostKart.gif
!give A parent of !givegb or !giveem. To give an amount of Ghost Bucks or Ember,  
!greatest An audio clip of Ghost saying, "You are the world's greatest." Audio clip
!gtb A GIF of Icarus telling you to go to bed BED_MOONWALK_SMALL.gif
!halp An image of Gai being cheeky


!hitbox Prints a quote from Soulution "It doesn’t help that your hitbox is the size of a very large box."
— SaulTWalterz
Prints the :beans: emoji  
!hug Tells Icarus to give "hugs all around"  
!humble Prints a URL to the Humble Bundle site  
!icarusflex An image of the Icarus Flex pin


!ily A GIF of Icarus moonwalking "I Love You" ILY_MOONWALK_SMALL_1.gif
!key Prints a Three Houses realted puzzle piece  
!ldsgwiki Prints a URL to the LDSG Wiki  
!lesgogamers A video of someone yelling, "Let's go gamers"
!lumine An image of Lumine lumine_new.png
!mc Prints the LDSG Minecraft server address  
!mewhen An image of a meme...


!minecraft Prints the LDSG Minecraft server address  
!morganfreeman A subpar impression of Morgan Freeman Audio clip
!newshirt Prints a URL to a specific Etsy store item  
!newshirt2 Prints a URL to a specific Etsy store item  
!nice A GIF of the noice guy noice.gif
!nonsense Prints a message "appreciate what you what, be are the make you appreciate what you dad"
!nou A GIF of Icarus moonwalking "No U" NOU_MOONWALK_SMALL.gif
!ok An image of One Punch Man saying "Ok"


!ontopic A GIF from Star Wars to stay on target ontarget.gif
!oof An audio clip of a child say "Oof" Audio clip
!overdramatic A video clip of an over dramatic kitten
!pah A GIF of Icarus moonwalking "Pretentious As Hecc" PAH_MOONWALK.gif
The official seal of Paradox


!pingme Assigns user to be notified for the channel the command was echoed in  
!politics Prints an image from DragonQuest


!pong Icarus asks who ping'd this person  
!popcorn A GIF of Icarus eating popcorn  
!profile Prints a URL to edit your user profile for LDSG  
!promote [@name] Promotes a user  
!repo Prints URLs related to Icarus's code  
!sadtrombone Post an audio clip of the famous sad trombone sound Audio Clip
!sealion A GIF from Finding Dory of the sealions sealions.gif
!shhh Same as !enjoy. An Adam Ellis comic. let-people-enjoy.png
!shun [@user] Icarus shuns user.  
!slothmare Prints the image of Slothmare


!snipe [@user] Has Icarus steal user's roles  
!soon Prints an image of Luna from the top of her cat tree


!spam Prints an image of a non-SPAM can area


!streamerapp Prints a URL to the LDSG Streamer application  
!support A GIF from IT Crowd itcrowd.gif
!terraintro Prints a URL to the Terra lore wiki  
!thisisfine Prints a knockoff version of a famous comic in emoji form :fire: :womans_hat: :fire:
:fire: :dog2: :fire:
:fire: :fire: :fire:
This is fine.
!vaellor Prints an image of Vaellor


!welcome A GIF of Icarus moonwalking welcome WELCOME_MOONWALK_SMALL.gif
!welcometoldsg Gladous welcome audio clip Audio Clip
!yeet Icarus asks you to stop  
!yolo Captain Moroni and something?


!youthraid Posts a video edited by IndigoWolf

!youths A GIF of Schmitty saying "Youths!" youths.gif