Introduction For New Players


Hello, and welcome to the Universe of Terra ARG (alternate reality game)! This page is designed as an introduction for those who aren't yet familiar with the puzzle and how to join in the fun.

The Universe of Terra was created and developed by Justin Thomas (LDSG Ghost), Elise Nelson (Elisecy), Gaiwecoor, and the house leaders (Werecat, Maldor, and Dalan Azelas).

If you aren't yet on the LDS Gamers Discord server, you're missing out! Join in here:


Firstly, you'll want to get the Trusted role on the Discord server, if you haven't already. You get this by just being active for a short period of time until the role is manually assigned to you by a mod. This process is just to filter out the trolls or those with worse intentions.

Then, head to the Daedalus Portal page here: Sign in and authorize with Discord, then complete the mini-quiz to determine which house you're placed in.

"But wait! What are houses?" Wonderful question! The three houses, known as Brightbeam, Starcamp, and Freshbeast, are where people are sorted by their talents and personality. They are each based on the Spirits of Terra; Lumine, Cato, and Vaellor respectively. Each house has it's leader and an element to represent it.