So, you want to create a Shopkeeper. Here are the instructions!

Required items:

  • A chest or double-chest
  • An item you want to sell
  • An item you want in return


  1. Obtain a Shopkeeper stick. This is done by running /shopkeeper give.
  2. Place down the chest.
  3. Holding the shopkeeper stick, right click the chest to select it.
  4. Holding the shopkeeper stick, right click the spot on the ground where you wish the shopkeeper to be.
  5. Holding shift, right click the shopkeeper. This will bring up the Editor menu.
  6. For each item you want to sell:
    1. Place the item you wish to sell in the top slot. You can then left or right click with the cursor to change quantity.
    2. Place the price for it in the third slot from the top. The second slot from the top is a secondary price, if you want the price to require two different items instead of just one.
  7. Customize the shopkeeper however you like by adjusting the badge color, variant, profession, name, or baby status.
  8. Place the items which the shopkeeper is selling inside the chest.

Note: When someone buys from the shopkeeper, the returned price goes into the chest for you to collect later.


Example: Selling 64 golden carrots for 2 diamonds, or 32 dispensers for 1 diamond.



The shop as it appears to buyers.



The shop from the outside.